Just had an accident in the car?  

Who you gonna call?

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So, you pop out to the shops and on the way or while you’re in the car park, your car is involved in an accident. Someone reverses into you, you into them or you just didn’t see someone pull out. Unfortunately, it’s common enough but what you should do next isn’t always as obvious as you may think.

Why calling your insurer may not be the best thing to do

Somewhere between passing your test and your first car “incident”, it was probably drummed into you that if you’re in a collision, you exchange details and then contact your insurers. But there is another option.

From our experience, you’re probably not aware that calling Crash Repair Solutions Limited is even an option. But contacting us can save you money, time and a whole lot of hassle and inconvenience.

Just take a moment to think through what happens after an accident. With luck, you are unhurt and able to exchange details with the owner of the other vehicle or any property involved. The police may or may not attend. Then you’re left to sort it out.

You have to contact and deal with the insurers, ensuring you have all the correct information and details and allowing time to chase them! You’ve got to sort out your car, get it to a garage, get it looked out, organise estimates, contact your insurers (again), find an alternative form of transport, etc. In short, it’s time consuming and can get expensive but when you involve Crash Repair Solutions, we can deal with most of the above for you.

How can Silvester Crash Repair help? 

Protecting your no claims bonus and premiums

The first thing we can do is tell you whether or not you should call your insurers at all. Registering a claim, even if you don’t subsequently make a claim, can unnecessarily result in an increase in your insurance premium. Making a claim will nearly always also result in the loss of your no claims status.

We’ll evaluate the circumstances of the incident, the amount of damage, the estimated costs of repair and any excess payment conditions of your insurance policy, and then advise you whether you should even register a claim. And that means, if you don’t need to claim, they’ve probably already saved you money and a load of hassle. 

Setting up and managing your claim

If you do need to claim, it shouldn’t be but registering a claim can be a pain. You’ve got to find your paperwork, get through to the insurer, make sure you have all the right information to hand for you and the other people involved (including any police reports), and very probably chase your insurers for the outcome. It never seems to be a quick process and inevitably means more than a few phone calls. 

Crash Repair Solutions can do that for you with your permission, including talking to the insurers and actually managing any non-fault claims throughout the process.

Our assessors will also take appropriate images of the vehicles and forward them to the relevant parties using a special App, as well as carrying out mobile estimates in and around the Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire borders. Of course, it goes without saying that we can also compile fully costed estimates and forward them to the relevant parties.

Dealing with your vehicle

Dependant on whether your vehicle is roadworthy or not, we can organise collection and secure storage at the recommended repairer or repairer of your choice. You may not be aware that you have a right to choose where your car is repaired, your insurer doesn’t.

Once authorised (and we will chase daily) your vehicle will be collected for repairs if it hasn’t been already. We’ll then provide you with regular updates while the work is being done, and you’ll be given a 5-year warranty on all repairs.

Getting you back on the road

One of your immediate concerns after an accident that leaves your vehicle unroadworthy is how you’re going to get around. In the event of a non-fault claim, we can arrange a like for like vehicle for you and if it turns out to be a “fault based claim” i.e. you drove into someone else, then subject to the circumstances and availability, we can organise a courtesy car for you.

With luck, you won’t be involved in an accident. But if you are, then rather than automatically contact your insurers, why not contact Crash Repair Solutions instead. It’s never nice to be involved in an accident but it doesn’t have to be complicated to sort it all out.

Been in an accident?  Want to know more?  Contact us at 01252 279855

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